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Outsourcing for help-desk centers:

Establishing and operating a Help-Desk center in accordance with the client needs, minimizing area and optimal integration of technology and manpower.
Experts consult in each domain reach optimal usage of the existing resources.
Selection of the most appropriate service personnel and managers according
to unique methodologies developed and implemented with many years of
experience. Daily management of the support center while maintaining the
highest level of performance. An attentive ear to the organization and to be
flexible for changes and improvements according to evolving needs.
Conducting surveys among service recipients as well as service providers.
Maintaining the highest standard of service in the world.

Service and maintenance upon demand (SLA):

Adjustment of service according to the customer's needs within a given budget. The possibility of reaching an expert only according to a specific need.
An option to submit a "bank of hours" for exploitation as needed. An option for
24/7 service and arrival to the site within a short time (also a next business day
is possible). An option for an on-site engineer for several hours/days per week.
The experts are carefully selected using our exclusive methods according to the
project. Data communications, servers, communication networks, personal
computers, infrastructures and more.


Learning, investigating and identifying the needs for each customer in order to
provide the auditable expert (from any field and domain) to answer the needs
at the customer's site. Flexibility and possible and replacement of an expert
according to evolving needs. Full-time outsourcing, Part-time outsourcing.
Outsourcing for a variety of functions in the organization, including senior


Inventory management:

A very important service is managing the inventory of the Company's IT equipment and creating new procedures. The computerized systems for managing inventory are adjusted according to customer's needs for day-to-day changing needs. The work includs daily/weekly and quarterly reports according to need and size the of inventory. Checking agreements with existing suppliers, finding new suppliers and creating new agreements. Working with all the stakeholders, sending and receiving shipments between the company's sites around the world and throughout the country.

Short term projects:

Upgrading of existing systems, establish an initial infrastructure in a
the building, establishing and/or upgrading of Data Centers and communication
rooms, establishing or changing Help-Desk center, recruitment of staff, training
and enhancement of training systems including Distance Learning.

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