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The helpdesk is an organizational need in every workplace, whether this is outsourced or conducted by a dedicated department in the organization. Many organizations tend to underestimate the importance of the helpdesk, and its ability to contribute to the business operation of the organization. The helpdesk is the source for

help and information in handling the organization’s computer systems at the level of the end-user. Many organizations often have employees who lack the knowledge in running software, printers, scanners, networks and have difficulties in many other computer related tasks. Establishing a helpdesk that works properly and has the right professional people in charge of providing solutions, can save precious time and money that the company employees will waste instead of focusing on the goal set for them and contribute to the success of the business. The helpdesk becomes the “display window” of the IT department and is an important resource for the organization’s employees . An effective helpdesk coordinator does not only continuously respond to problems and malfunctions to keep the business going. He also draws attention of the IT personnel to bottlenecks, the possibility of development and repair of processes, and other insights that arise from the employees' feedback.


Over the years we have experienced a large number of cases where immediate intervention by the helpdesk "saved" millions of dollars in transactions as a result of the quick support and fast solution by an ambitious young employee who solved the computer problem that almost prevented the transaction from occurring. N.I.T. has vast experience in the field and has the ability to establish helpdesks that provide services that will save our customers both budgets and time.

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