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N.I.T is an IT service provider company that renders a  variety of end-to-end computer solutions in the field  of information Technology. The company utilizes innovation with proven experience in the establishment and integration of computerized systems in Israel and around the globe.


N.I.T places customer service and customer satisfaction at the center of our business activities.

N.I.T emphasizes integrating the human factor, together with an accessible, high-quality professional service. The company is at the forefront of technical know-how with outstanding human resources to provide our customers with optimal professional computerization solutions. Our solutions save companies and organizations time and resources.


Attaining professional computerized solutions with no limits and without compromises, provide our customers with an advantage over their competitors.


Our customers receive service from the highest level of professional computer experts. N.I.T. technicians and support team are continuously available to provide support and management services including integration of complex computerization systems, ongoing maintenance of communication networks, or upgrading the system to an advanced work environment.

N.I.T provides services to multinational companies such as Cisco and IBM, additional companies abroad and a variety of large as well as small local companies. N.I.T cooperates with several additional IT companies abroad.

The company’s expertise is the establishment of end-to-end support systems for a wide array of computer systems, networks, servers, processors, labs, hardware, software, end-users, the establishment of “Help-Desks”, and the installation of field technicians and computer system managers.

The company has vast experience in the installation of communication rooms, laboratories, and the establishment of a computer system from “scratch” or the upgrading of an existing system.


At N.I.T we treat all our customers, regardless of size, as part of our company. Consequently, we invest all the needed efforts and resources to produce the desired results. Our efforts and our view of the customer as part of our company ensure that the customer receives the best possible service.

Treating the customer as an integral part of N.I.T, viewing his employees as our employees, and treating his products and resources as if they were our own, are important components that result in the highest possible customer satisfaction.

N.I.T customer service principles are at the forefront of international standards.

N.I.T has extensive experience in the provision of IT services and in project management throughout Europe.

N.I.T’s employees are all equipped with the qualifications and licensing required from technicians up to the level of CIO – Chief Information Officer.

N.I.T works according to the strict ITIL and/or PMI standards.

N.I.T defines the goals with the customer and ensures their attainment, all within the defined budget and at an optimal Benefit / Cost Ratio (BCR).

The high level of service provided by N.I.T saves the customer resources - money and time, frees him from the “headaches” that are commonly associated with managing communication and networks, and consequently, improves employee productivity and enhances the work efficiency of the customer’s core activities.

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