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IT Management

N.I.T. offers you to think ahead and integrate the management of the IT systems with the best experts in the field. Our experts will arrive at your company and be integrated in it as part of our aim to provide outstanding service. We will produce a tailor-made solution to address your specific needs, whether it be the lack of budget for a full-time Chief Information Officer

(CIO) or whether your CIO requires periodic professional support or even routine aid and backup.


NIT is structured and trained to meet our customer’s expectations. We do so both for the end user as well as for the managers who think in terms of budgets, goals, challenges and tight schedules.


IT Systems’ Management


  • Accepting full responsibility for end-to-end operation and maintenance of the computer system.


  • Providing services according to tasks/projects while attaining the best possible level of service.


  • Establishment of an integrated service mechanism with subcontractors while remaining the element that ensures the mandated level of service.


  • Providing ongoing professional support with respect to all issues directly and indirectly related to the IT area. This support is delivered by outstanding experts in the various fields.


The Benefits of using a dedicated company to manage your IT systems


  • N.I.T. specialists shall provide full management of the customer’s computer network. This eliminates the need to invest the budgetary resources necessary to employ such experts, results in operational costs’ savings and allows the company’ employees to focus solely on core business activities.


  • The service is based on our Customer Service Charter and it allows the obtainment of maximum output regardless of the level of the available internal resources.


  • The price of the service is fixed and clear and consequently, it permits multi-year budget planning for the management and operation of the service system.


  • N.I.T. will locate the needed subcontractors, shall establish the needed service contracts, shall manage the day to day work and the communication with the suppliers and in this manner shall save you precious time and money.


  • NIT Customer Service Charter allows changes in the composition of the experts that we provide according to changes in our customer’s computer systems and this eliminates the need to continuously invest in employee knowledge acquisition. At any given moment, outstanding experts with updated knowledge will be available for your needs.


  • Our Customer Service Charter allows specific reinforcement of the support staff and eliminates the need to recruit, and later on fire employees, according to the changing needs of the company.

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