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Does your IT manager sometimes lack the technical solution? Does he need a vacation? Is he on reserve duty? At N.I.T. we believe that small and medium companies deserve the same service that large companies receive. There are several options for outsourcing positions and we have a dedicated department that specializes in providing comprehensive solutions.


These include management of the customer’s computer systems by the assignment of CIOs, network engineers (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE), network administrators and technicians who possess the mandated education, training and experience. Every position that we fill is fully correlated with the available budget and the number of hours of service that are needed. Our service is provided in the most professional manner and can take the form of a full time or part-time job. We believe in selecting the right people for the job, with the right knowledge and the needed high motivation to meet the needs of the job and help the company focus on growth.

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